Roasted Nori Popcorn

Nori is another word for seaweed paper. The nori that you use for this recipe can be found in the snack aisle. It is thinner and easier to crumble than the nori that you would use for rolling your own sushi. 

Marinated Collard Greens Salad

I know that kale is the bees knees right now, but I found out that good old raw collard greens actually have more nutrients than kale. Plus, this is your way to mix it up a little bit! 


Autumn Sangria

I wanted to make a Sangria, but it was Fall! I decided to make it Autumn friendly with the addition of seasonal spices and some heat from the chile pepper. This is great to make if you are not a cook. Take this to your next Autumn themed party (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Movie Night, Whatever) Calories 120 Carbs 6.5g Sugar 2.2g 

Apple Raisin Smoothie

I wanted to embrace the flavors of Autumn with this one. This smoothie's taste is reminiscent of an oatmeal raisin cookie. I sounds weird, but trust me on this! LOL Calories 346 Protein 3.4g Fiber 4.9g Sugar 17.2g