Sushi, Sangria and Beyonce’ (Also, tacos again)… ikr

So, I finally launched this lil ol’ blog o’ mine!  It’s been a real labor of love.  I had been neglecting family and friends while I was building the website.  It had become a real problem!  I felt like I had to do something to make it up to them. Me being the YumDiva and always loving a good party decided to do just that….party!

Jojayden Luxury Shoes

Jojayden Luxury Shoes

20161015-img_0604I had the event at a local luxury shoe store in my neighborhood, because the first thing I think about when I think of parties, food blogs, and website launches are…. shoes? Seriously though, this store is pretty dope and regularly rents out for events soooooo…..leave me alone about it mmmkay?


Sushi Rolls compliments of M2

Barbacoa Taco

Barbacoa Taco

Since my first post was about tacos, I might as well have some tacos at this event….also, I am clearly obsessed with tacos.  I promise you I like other foods! Like, pretty much all of them. I hired a caterer to do the food since I’m not an idiot and I knew that I had to be a good hostess. I had heard about these people from a co-worker for years and about their amazingly authentic Mexican food.  I always knew I would use them for something and this was the time.  Because I’m a pretty cool chick (I am, I swear!), a friend of mine who could not make the event and happens to own a sushi company donated several large trays of assorted, delicious sushi. I’m  totally winning, amiright?



Autumn Sangria

Being that I’m not a total slacker, I made gourmet Cupcakes and a lovely Autumn Sangria. I am including the recipe for the Autumn Sangria on the website and please thank me later. Hell, thank me now….it will give you life! LOL I stayed with the Latin theme and made Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes, Abuelita’s Flan Cupcakes and the aforementioned Autumn Sangria.

If this chef thing doesn't work out, we can always start a group

If this chef thing doesn’t work out, we can always start a group

Allan and Bianca

Allan and Bianca

There was a DJ, because without music it is just a bunch of people standing around looking at each other.  The DJ made the mistake of asking me to give him a playlist.  I am a frustrated, amateur DJ (DJ YumDiva?) so I pounced on this opportunity! I found my inner drag queen and asked for everything from Blondie to vintage Diana Ross, to Chance the Rapper to ….yes, Beyoncé!  I tried to enjoy the music and relax, but I cannot possibly relax when Beyoncé is playing.

Yes, I'm the Chef....

Yes, I’m the Chef….

Yes, that is a chef coatBoth Chef Erika and The YumDiva made appearances, mostly because I am a frustrated Diana Ross inside and love a dramatic costume change! LOL

All in all, fun times were had by all.  We ate tacos (yes, again). We drank (yes, again but Sangria this time). We kiki’d and we danced to Queen Bey.  I wish you were there, but since you weren’t I included pics.

You can find the recipe for the Autumn Sangria here.